Principal’s message


Dear Westall College Community, I feel very privileged and honoured to have the opportunity to lead the College during Term One this year as Acting Principal. The school has been fortunate to have the outstanding leadership of David Tyson as Principal over the last 5 years and I know David will be missed by the Westall community. David has taken up a position with the Australian Education Union working in the area of Principal coaching and development and I know he is excited about this new career challenge. David has been very active in the community and has led and driven many positive changes and initiatives at the school. I am excited about continuing this work and am confident that Westall Secondary College will continue to grow and develop even further in the coming years.   I would like to publicly thank and acknowledge our Assistant Principal, Mrs Kesidis, for her amazing leadership and work with the Westall community over many years. Mrs Kesidis has been invaluable to me personally over the last month and the College is very fortunate to have such an amazing school leader and teacher who is absolutely passionate and committed to the Westall community. Mrs Kesidis, I look forward to working with you this term and hopefully beyond. At this stage I am in the role of Acting Principal for Term One this year. The Principal position for Westall Secondary College will be advertised in the coming weeks and the outcome should be known before the end of term ready for Term Two. This does not mean that the school is “on hold”. Mrs Kesidis and I will continue to lead the school and be constantly focused on continuous improvement to ensure the students of Westall are getting the best possible teaching and learning. In regards to my background, I have been a teacher and leader at 3 previous schools and over the last 7 years I have been a member of the Principal team at McClelland College in Frankston. In addition to my teaching degree I also completed further study with a Masters in School Leadership at the University of Melbourne. My philosophy as a school leader is a relentless focus on student outcomes and creating a learning environment that allows students and teachers to achieve their best and strive for excellence. Parents and community are critical to this success and there is significant research that shows the more involved parents and the local community are with a school that the more successful that school will be. I know Mr Tyson did a lot of work with the community and looking at ways to get parents more involved and I will be looking to continue this work with Mrs Kesidis. A calm, orderly environment, consistency in expectations and a focus on continuous improvement are factors I see as critical. I hear very positive things about the Westall Community in this regard and in particular the character and application of our students. I also want to recognise and comment on the excellent staff we have at Westall. Both teaching and education support staff have been incredibly welcoming, professional and enthusiastic and I know in talking with Mr Tyson and Mrs Kesidis what an outstanding and dedicated team of staff we have here. I am incredibly excited and enthusiastic about getting to know you all in the coming weeks. I will be using the Westall motto of SERVICE and INTEGRITY in guiding all of my actions as Acting Principal. Please feel free to contact the College if there is anything we can support with. Take care and have a great 2015. Tristan Lanarus Acting Principal Westall Secondary College 9546 3233    



Dates to Remember

TERM 1 - 2015

  • Mar 24 - Year 7 Sport - Round Robin
  • Mar 25 - Year Level Assemblies 7 - 12
  • Mar 26 - SMR Swimming Day
  • Mar 27 - End of Term 1
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Australian Mathematical Olympiad (AMO) Results 2015

Ilia KUCHEROV     

GOLD Award


Ilia was one of the 105 students from Australia who was invited to sit for the two days four hourly examinations on the 10th and 11th of February.

Congratulations to Ilia who achieved a Gold Award and was ranked 5th position at the national level. The next stage is Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad.            Ilia is one of the most successful students invited to sit for APMO on the 10th of March. This is a regional Mathematics Olympiad involving countries around the Pacific Rim. The APMO is the second of four selection examinations that students must sit if they are to be considered to represent Australia at the International Mathematics Olympiad 2015 We wish Ilia success in his coming examination.            


Tran Anh Tuan – our 2013 Year 12 International Student College Captain was the proud winner of the YEAR 12 STUDENT LEADERSHIP Award - announced on April 22, 2014 in the Awards Ceremony in Queen’s Hall, Parliament House. Congratulations Tuan, we are very proud of your achievement, accomplishment, and contributions to the school and the wider community. 036  


Our Balook Learning Centre is a state of the art 21st Century building designed to meet the challenges of modern learning.  Our students experience the magic of science in an environment that raises their curiosity. GROUP SCIENCE PIC                                                                                                            



2015 COLLEGE CAPTAINS Pictured (left to right)

Asif (College Captain)

Mai (College Captain)

Michael (College Vice Captain)

Sahisha (College Vice Captain)

William (International Student College Captain)

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  • The School was honoured at the 2014 Applied Learning Awards (Community VCAL Award) organised by the BGKLLEN and Youth Connect.
  • Year 11 student, Shaing, won the VCAL Personal Development Stream Award for the best student.  It is wonderful to see Shaing win this prestigious award.  Furthermore, the College had 4 other Year 11 students receive nominations for awards—Sahisha, Aruma, Sinear and Mu.
  • Congratulations to all our students on their hard work and skill.

School Mathematics Competition 2014

This competition is sponsored by The University of Melbourne. It is organised by members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at The University of Melbourne. The Competition is open to all students in secondary schools in Victoria. Over the years the number of participants has steadily increased to the current level of approximately 3000 students, all coming from about 120 Victorian secondary schools. MATHS COMPETITION   We are proud to announce two prize winners from Westall Secondary College. Ilia and Matt  are winners and we attended the Prize Giving Ceremony on 11th of October at Copland Theatre, Melbourne University. Ilia received the second prize, valued at $150, in the Intermediate division and Certificate and Matt received a Merit Certificate. Mrs Chee and Miss Ngian are proud  teachers celebrating our students’ achievements together with their family  members.