House Program


Every year students are involved in various House activities. Each activity earns points towards the overall House champion. The House activities include:

  • Swimming House Carnival
  • Cross Country House Day
  • Athletics House Carnival
  • Volleyball House Challenge
  • Netball House Challenge
  • Performing Arts House Challenge
  • End of Year House Challenges

The History of Westall Secondary College Houses

Did you know?

  • Westall Secondary College Houses were formed in 1963? 
  • The students of that year voted for the names of the houses that stand today?

House names

Banjo Paterson ‘Banjo Paterson’ known as Barty to his family, was born in NSW in 1864.  He composed the famous ballad ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and his first book was ‘The man from Snowy River’.

Henry Lawson Henry Lawson was born in NSW in 1867.
He was Australia’s ‘Poet of the People’. Most of his work was set in the Australian Bush or was about bush life.

C.J. Dennis C.J. Dennis was born in SA in 1876.
He produced several thousand poems and other works.
By 1917 Dennis was the most prosperous poet in Australian history.

Adam Lindsay Gordon Adam Lindsay Gordon was born in 1883. He had a talent in poetic writing.