Junior School

The Junior School structure (Years 7 and 8) aims to provide all students with a supportive and encouraging environment conducive to learning and to personal growth and development. The College offers learning opportunities and enrichment programs that promote an environment that caters for all students and promotes a truly holistic approach to student development.


During this important stage in the education of these young students, it is crucial that the structures and programs employed cater for their changing physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs.

The College operates a staged transition program that prepares the students in Year 7 and 8 for the different organizational structures, routines and work expectations as they transition throughout the College. The “You Can Do It” program is implemented at Year 7. 

You Can Do It
Core Purpose Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along, Resilience
12 Habits of Mind 1. Accepting myself 2. Taking risks 3. Being independent 4. I can do it 5. Giving effort 6. Working tough 7. Setting goals 8. Planning my time 9. Being tolerant of others 10. Thinking first 11. Playing by the rules 12. Social responsibility

Learning Areas

The College recognizes the opportunity that technology offers for student learning. At the Junior School level a BYOD – iPad program is in place.  This program allows students to engage in their learning beyond the classroom. They utilize these devices to connect, collaborate, create and learn together. Students have access to high level technical support.

There is a strong focus on the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy throughout the Junior School curriculum, complementing the broad range of subjects which are offered, including: English, English as an Additional Language (EAL), Mathematics, Science, Humanities, LOTE Chinese, Health, Physical Education, Sport, Visual Communication, Art, Music, Wood Technology, Food Technology, and the “You Can Do It” program (only in Year 7).

Personal growth and development

The College offers a variety of extra-curricular activities and a range of specialized programs to Junior School students to allow them to challenge themselves and to promote a sense of belonging.