Middle School

The Middle School structure (Years 9 and 10) aims to provide a diverse and rich program that is designed to challenge students to become involved in their own learning and commit to their own self-improvement. The College offers learning opportunities and enrichment programs that motivate and prepare students for multiple pathways.

Year 9

The ODYSSEY NOW program encourages students to explore the world in which they live and to become involved in their local, urban and rural communities. It provides them with the skills required to become independent, life-long learners who are confident, responsible and reliable. The opportunity to address some of the needs within the community, and make positive difference, is an important part of the program.

Learning Areas The Year 9 program is constructed from three curriculum areas: Core Subjects, Electives and Odyssey Now. Course content is differentiated, and inclusive teaching approaches are applied to encourage student engagement and to challenge them to operate and achieve a high level of attainment.

Year 9 Program
Core Subjects English, English as an Additional Language, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (History, Geography, Economics), Health, Physical Education, Sport
Electives Art, Photography, Visual Communication and Design, Music, Food Technology, Wood, Chinese, Sport and Recreation
Beyond the Classroom Odyssey Now

Year 10

The Year 10 program is constructed into two curriculum areas: Core Subjects and Electives. The major focus is to prepare students for pathways after Year 10, including the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), Vocational Education and Training (VET).  All Year 10 students undertake a one week structured workplace learning experience.  Students are provided with targeted support and careers counselling to enable them to select an appropriate senior studies course.  

The College recognizes the opportunity that technology offers for student learning. At the Middle School level a BYOD – program is currently being phased in.  Students provide their own digital device as long as it meets the specifications outlined by the College. This program allows students to engage in their learning beyond the classroom. They utilize the devices to connect, collaborate, create and learn together. Students have access to high-level technical support.

Learning Areas

 Year 10 Program
Core Subjects English, English as an Additional Langauage, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (History, Geography,Economics), Careers, Physical and Health Education, Sport
Electives Art, Visual Communication and Design, Photography, Music, English Enhancement, EAL Assist, Mathematics Extension, VET Sport and Recreation, Food Technology



Personal growth and development

The College offers a variety of extra-curricular activities and a range of specialized programs to Middle School students to allow them to challenge themselves and to promote a sense of belonging.