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Our hope and our main objective at Westall SC is for ALL students to be happy and successful. We do this by ensuring all staff have high expectations of themselves and students. The Westall Way Learning Behaviours set the bar high for students and understandably, there will be times where students do not meet the behavioural expectations of the teachers. 


The flowchart below demonstrates how a teacher will manage a situation where a student is failing to demonstrate the required learning behaviours in class (Level 2 response from the above chart). It is a firm but fair approach and encourages positive interactions between teachers and students in the first instance. The same steps are followed by all teachers for all students; the flowchart is displayed in all learning areas to encourage consistency and understanding. If a student is unable to correct their behaviour through this conversation in the classroom, the issue will be escalated to a Level 3 response.

To ensure all staff and students have clear processes and repsonses to poor behaviour, the College has a Progression of Consequences which is followed to manage poor behaviour. There are 5 levels of response in the Progression of Consequences, hwich enables our staff to support students and their families by responding to issues in a consistent and timely manner.




Westall Secondary College is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code : Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to www.study.vic.gov.au