Market Day 2021

07 Jun 2021

On behalf of the Year 11 Business Management students, we would like to thank Westall for your generosity and kindness today. We were so grateful to run Market Day before this upcoming lockdown.
The most profitable business was the Ghost Run, followed by Bubble Tea and Spicy Noodles. In total, we raised $993.20, which will be donated to the Red Cross.



A huge thank you to Ms Betty Roberts for all your help over the weeks and today assisting all the groups. Thank you to Ms Paget and Ms Lynette for helping with all the food and drink groups. A big big big thank you to Mr Alex, Mr Richardson, Ms Besley, Ms Ifandis, Kevin, Ms Jenny, Mr Naseer, Ms Stenning, Mr Dung Tran, Ms Lan, Ms Vicky, Tynan, Ms Rankin, Mr Bandara, Mr Andy Tran, Mr Hieu Tran and all the wonderful staff and students at Westall for all your support!
Stay safe, and see you all soon!

Ms Kristina Vasilakis

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