International Student Program and Westall English Language Centre

International Student Program

Program:  Department of Education and Training:  Criscos Provider:  00861K

Westall Secondary College has a well-established international program, recruiting students from China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and India whereby students complete their secondary education in Australia. A dedicated facility “International House” is provided for the exclusive use of the full fee paying overseas students and a full time co-ordinator and several assistants are available to assist students throughout their time at the College.

The College supports students to secure appropriate accommodation ‘Homestay’ and ensures that their safety and well-being is prioritised at all times.

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Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy          Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy



Westall English Language Centre (WELC)
Westall English Language Centre is a Government funded facility to provide intensive English as an Additional Language preparation for all newly arrived students. WELC caters for students who have arrived in Australia as refugees, migrants, or are full fee paying overseas students.  Most students are eligible to participate in the 20-week intensive program prior to transitioning to a mainstream educational setting.

Although the focus is on survival English and language preparation for the mainstream classroom, additional activities and learning in the areas of personal development are organised.  Regular incursions and excursions are also undertaken exposing newly arrived students to Australian life and culture.

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